From “Little Engagement" by Tirol [x]

Plastic ocarinas from the STL brand go for only ~16 bucks, you might want to look into that o3o Another brand is Songbird Ocarina whose plastics go for ~25. Although I was told that Songbird’s clay ocarinas have a better tone/resonance than STL’s so.

yeye I’ve heard that plastic isn’t the best tone-wise but so far I found a ceramic one I really like for about 30 bucks and I don’t think that’s too bad of a cost

plus it’s white like Wadanohara’s ouo

aaaaand it’s an alto like meeeee


FFFF I did it orzzz it’s even lazier than the others but I hope this helps QA//Q that makes everyone right?! LOL okimadienow

Part 1 of Free!Pirates here ; u ;;; ahhh thank you guys for all the support! If anyone really cosplays these I’d love to see them! *rolls away*



imagine a life without pokemon





And if you’re still up at 4 a.m.,

you are in love or lonely,

and I don’t know which one is worse.


im looking up dragon ball z trivia

On a weird, unrelated note, I have recently developed this sinking feeling that if I don’t learn how to fluently play an instrument I will not accomplish anything in life

the problem is instruments are expensiveeeee

but then I thought maybe I could try the ocarina? of course there are fancy ocarinas for a million-bajillion dollars but decent ones can go very cheap compared to other instruments…plus its very portable (my mother still insists that she wants a cello…where the hell is that going to fit in our house?)

Also it would be a great prop for a Wadanohara cosplay (which I WANT to do in the near future)

TRUE ramblings

I’m so, so super torn between a whole bunch of things regarding my overall fashion sense, like

I totally want to become a mori girl and just be cozy and forest-y and commune with nature

But I also want to dress up like a princess and wear all pink sparkly ruffles and act like I own the world (or just act all cute and coy)

bUT part of me likes the style I have now which is basically short skirts and thigh high socks AAAND part of me also considers the cost of switching my whole wardrobe and realizes that I barely have enough to feed myself

I really just need nice clothes that I can wear year-round because pretty much all my really good stuff is too hot to wear anywhere but the dead of winter

So I have been trying to gradually buy more fancier, dressier clothing (which honestly is all very chic and doesn’t fit either of the previous two categories)

But with winter coming up I might start to try the mori girl scene. Maybe I’ll do ‘Mori Girl Mondays’ or something where I focus on the Mori girl style for one day a week. I gotta be serious about this though, because I promised Nombee that I’d become mori last year and that never happened….

Maybe I could start a Mori Girl sideblog? I could reblog inspirational mori stuff and just ramble on about how the mori process is going for me…

So then after winter is over, maybe switch over to the princess style and run a princess sideblog? idk

I really can’t be the only one who constantly battles with themself about what sort of overall lifestyle aesthetic they want to go for.

At the end of the day, what I really want most in the world is to get this hideous acne patch removed from my forehead


Some… and at last… I found something crazy *-*
Amazing Mori Boy styles, do you like it? :O!


In order to date me you must be willing to do the following:

  • cuddle and never stop
  • hold my hand everywhere we go
  • eat gross amounts of food with me
  • go on adventures
  • wake me up with kisses 
  • make blanket forts